We were proud to support the 5th UAE  DIAD-DIAL Conference as a Silver Sponsor which starts November 3th 2023 and lasts for 3 days, till November 5th. This premier dual event brought together dermatology and dermatopathology specialists under one roof to exchange knowledge.

DUBIMED Shines as Silver Sponsor at Prestigious DIAD-DIAL Conference

 As a sponsor, we networked with leading dermatologists,  pathologists, surgeons, and medical professionals. DUBIMED met with new contacts and reinforced partnerships vital to our work of improving skin care.

Gaining Valuable Insights

The conference featured world-renowned experts delivering the latest research and innovations. Through interactive sessions, we learned about emerging diagnostic techniques and treatment approaches.

Sharing Our Expertise

Our participation allowed us to consult and answer questions from attendees directly. DUBIMED representatives demonstrated how we’re supporting healthcare providers with specialized medical technologies and clinical training with our professional team.

Advancing Standards of Care

Events like DIAD-DIAL elevate dermatology education and collaboration. We’re committed to enabling conferences that drive excellence in patient care and outcomes. Our sponsorship reinforces DUBIMed’s role in powering innovation across the region.

Announcing New Innovations in Dermatology

DubiMed is pleased to introduce two novel solutions to expanding our offerings portfolio: Mesoestetic Depigmentation treatments and the SkinPen microchanneling device.

Mesoestetic Depigmentation

Leveraging over 20 years of research, Mesoestetic has formulated a highly effective depigmentation treatment. Their enhanced formula harnesses the latest understanding of melanin synthesis inhibition and melanocyte activity regulation. Clinical studies demonstrate noticeably lighter and more even-toned skin within weeks.

SkinPen Microneedling – The first FDA-cleared micro needling

Utilizing patented precision micro-needling technology, SkinPen gently induces controlled micro-injuries to trigger the body’s natural wound-healing response. This intelligent device produces optimized results for improving skin quality, texture, and collagen levels. Multi-center trials verify its efficacy in reducing acne scars, stretch marks, and signs of photoaging.

Hands-On Dermatology Workshops at DIAD-DIAL

DubiMed hosted informative hands-on workshops at the Diad-Dial conference, providing a comprehensive learning experience for attendees. These sessions allowed for practical demonstrations and exchanges that enriched care practices.

Ethera workshop – Cutting-Edge Laser Technology

The “etherea” workshop featured Dr. Palomino showcasing the revolutionary laser system’s multi-applications. Delegates learned effective protocols for various conditions from pigmented lesions to vascular issues. Exchanging insights with Dr. Palomino, participants explored protocols she has refined for removing nevi and age spots, as well as managing rosacea and poikiloderma of Civatte. An interactive discussion highlighted innovative multi-session techniques Dr. Palomino has developed for complex pigmented lesions resistant to other modalities. Attendees appreciated how Ethera streamlined their practices by replacing multiple legacy devices with a single powerful platform.

Mesoestetic workshop – Depigmentation Treatments

Dr. Torres and Dr. Abdul Fattah shared valuable experience using Mesoestetic’s enhanced product formulas. Participants gained insights on optimally addressing hyperpigmentation cases. They delve into Mesoestetic’s enhanced Dermamelan and Cosmelan product formulations. These new complexes harness proprietary melanin inhibitors and synergistic brightening actives to safely and rapidly clear hyperpigmentation.

Skinpen workshop – FDA- Cleared Precision Micro Channeling

The “SkinPen” workshop by Dr. Beltrán introduced the innovative microneedling device’s precision capabilities. Attendees understood treatment advancements for improving skin quality and complexion uniformity. The workshop includes a live patient treatment, allowing delegates to observe SkinPen’s precision and comfort first-hand. Dr. Beltrán discussed tailoring protocols for various skin types and conditions like melasma. An interactive discussion then covered post-procedure skincare and Dr. Beltrán’s techniques for achieving more uniform pigmentation and complexion clarity.

Experiential Learning

Through demonstrating best-in-class tools, DubiMed workshops advanced standards of dermatological care. They facilitated robust discussions that translated to refined methodologies and improved outcomes for practitioners and patients globally.

Commitment to Progress

At DUBIMED, we seek innovative solutions to advance patient outcomes through robust scientific evidence. We are excited to offer these newly validated innovations to clinics, reflecting our dedication to empowering practitioners with the most effective tools. Both Mesoestetic and SkinPen epitomize our focus on meaningful progress through innovative research.

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