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Non-Surgical Autologous Facial Rejuvenation

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About Cellenis PRP

Cellenis® PRP is a proprietary technology that uses a separation gel to prepare pure platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with optimal concentrations and cellular content. It’s versatile, safe, and non-allergenic, offering virtually no downtime or side effects.

The system eliminates RBCs and reduces pro-inflammatory GRs. The growth factors in PRP stimulate new blood vessel and collagen growth, improving skin texture and tone.

The process is simple and easy-to-use: blood is drawn and placed in a Cellenis® PRP vacuum tube with separation gel and anticoagulants, then centrifuged for 10 minutes to separate platelets. The PRP is then ready for use.

The kit processes 11 ml and 22 ml blood, offering optimal platelet recovery and a user-friendly system. The separator gel is proprietary and eliminates unwanted cells. The manufacturing process follows international quality standards.


Cellenis® PRP is ideal for non-surgical autologous facial rejuvenation, as it enhances dermal collagen expression and skin brightness, leading to efficient skin rejuvenation and a slowed-down aging process. It restores skin moisture and glow and improves skin texture and tone. It is also effective in treating sun-damaged skin, acne scars, stretch marks, hair loss, and dark circles.

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Using The Correct Technique, Cellenis® PRP Will Increase The Skin’s Supply Of Nourishing Blood, Stimulate Oil Glands Which Are Drying, Stimulate New Fibrocytes To Produce More Skin Firming Collagen, And Stimulate Growth Of New Skin Cells To Thicken And Smooth The Skin.

Fewer steps than other PRP kits

Optimal platelet recovery

Single centrifuge spin

User friendly only small volume of blood required

Best Value and Volume for money High volume PRP yield, low cost per ml

6 ml PRP per 11 ml tube

13 ml PRP per 22 ml tube


Cellenis Prp - Products

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Cellines Prp Cellines Prp

Wrinkles & Dark Rings

Cellines Prp Cellines Prp

Hair PRP

Cellines Prp Cellines Prp

Acne Scars

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