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We want to nourish your soul with relaxation and rejuvenation at your home conveniently. so we, create seasonal packages to maximize the regenerative potential system while remaining gentle and natural for your skin.

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    AnteAGE Cleanser
    Our signature, gentle cleanser packed with green tea extract and willow bark to clean and calm the skin while prepping it for the facial.
  • AnteAGE-Serum_Dubimed_dubai
    AnteAGE®MD Serum
    Our AnteAGEMD Serum (30ml) contains the highest concentration of Stem Cytokine nano-spheres combined with additional actives that act in concert at the cellular level. This elegant serum quickly absorbs into your skin, utilizing nanotechnology to deliver a physiologically balanced powerhouse of Stem CytokinesTM, Peptides, and Antioxidants. (Any skin type) AM & PM apply 2-3 Pumps to clean Skin .
  • AnteAGE-Accelerator_dubimed_dubai
    AnteAGE®MD Accelerator
    AnteAGEMD Accelerator (30ml) is rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives. It creates a barrier to keep the serum ingredients locked in and effective, then slowly releases additional actives that assist in cellular rejuvenation to achieve the optimal aesthetic results.
    AM & PM apply 2-3 Pumps to clean Skin , (better to be used before sleep for oily skin)


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